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ALSA Volume Control plasmoid 0.51.2 (Plasmoid Script)

Mon, 2014/03/31 - 9:35am
ThumbnailALSA Volume Control plasmoid 0.51.2
(Plasmoid Script)
Plasmoid controls alsa devices by mouse. You can add plasmoid to panel (both vertical && horisontal) or to workspace.
You must install python-alsaaudio or similar in your distributive.

* fixed audiodevice detecting error;
* added detecting multiple audiodevices in system;
* added color managment of font and panel sliders with support opacity;
* added device rescan without restart plasmoid;
* added plasmatooltip with representation
device volume in panel;

* added Rescan button to Panel Devices Settings;
* added color control for slider handlers;

* fixed cardindex detection;

* improved stop control of tracking thread;
* added detect system color of text for first start;

* changed method of thread complete;

* text is replaced by icons in Common Device Panel;

* fixed warning in import module errors;

v.0.41.2 :
* added restore of device volume;
* added retrieve restored volume parameters;
* fixed slider`s mouseRelease & doubleClick events for common events;
* fixed the freez at plasmoid's init;
* some fixes & improvements;

v.0.42.2 :
* some fixes & improvements;

v.0.42.3 :
* fixed initiate;
* improve initiate;

v.0.43.5 :
* fixed the applet init at case without available audio devices;
* some fixes && improvements;

v.0.50.0 :
* fixed changing a color of horizontal slider's handler;
* refactoring;
* added slider's size Settings;
* added displaying a changes of slider's color & size into Settings;

v.0.51.0 :
* added sensitivity for sliders;

v.0.51.1 :
* reimplemented the retrieve of restored volume parameters;
* some fixes for disconnect SLOTs at close;

v.0.51.2 :
* added the restriction of notification;

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Alkano Full Serie 1.01 (X11 Mouse Theme)

Mon, 2014/03/31 - 2:23am
ThumbnailAlkano Full Serie 1.01
(X11 Mouse Theme)
Alkano is a serie of X11 mouse theme multisized to 24 32, 40, 48, 56 and 64 pixels.

I included Alkano's full serie: Black, Accent Blue Base, Accent Green Base, Orange Base, Accent Red Base and White.

To all the fans of this subject, tell them that I have already deleted all the series that they was separate. Also this topic is fully remastered. I Seems better than previous versions.

  • For those who have problems installing mouse themes multisized, i am offering the sames themes as a pack with sizes: 24, 32, 40, 48, 56 and 64 pixels.

  • I tested it under Pantheon, Cinnamon 2.0 with Muffin, KDE 4.10.5 with Kwin, Xfce 4.10, also Gnome 2/3.x and it works great. I added it symlinks for some cursors required for Steam, and all required for Pantheon, Cinnamon, KDE, Xfce, Gnome, and Unity.

    I decided to upload it, and after will go improving it. I would like change a few things so you can expect updates. If you find any bugs, please let me know in comments section.

    If you don't know how to install a mouse theme with multi sized property, like this one, go to, there you can see all instruccions for KDE, Cinnamon, and Xfce. You can use the Cinnamon instructions for Pantheon.

    Thanks, and greetings,

  • 2014 Mar v1.01 initial release.

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    Behexed Midnight (Other KDE Stuff)

    Sun, 2014/03/30 - 11:55pm
    ThumbnailBehexed Midnight
    (Other KDE Stuff)
    BE::Shell to go with Hex Lite

    Plenty of room left over for your own docks and widgets.

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    Just to aggrivate you (Clipart)

    Sun, 2014/03/30 - 7:10pm
    ThumbnailJust to aggrivate you

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    Oxygen DSX 0.5 (Plasma Theme)

    Sun, 2014/03/30 - 6:12pm
    ThumbnailOxygen DSX 0.5
    (Plasma Theme)
    This is an extension of the KDE Oxygen Plasma Theme,
    which adds some transparent backgrounds.

    I really like the Oxygen-Theme,
    but I never liked these opaque dialogs and tool-tips.

    This extensions adds more transparency,
    but keeps most of the original.
    So all credits goes to the Oxygen Team for the fine artwork.


    If you download the archive from, follow the instructions stated in the "install.txt" provided with the archive.


    0.5 - Changes for some plasmoids that rely on some Lancelot components (i.e. "Shelf")

    0.4 - Not published

    0.3 - No Changes, still compatible with KDE 4.12

    0.3 - No Changes, still compatible with KDE 4.11

    0.3 - Update for KDE 4.10.5
    Added Media-Delegate

    0.2 - Update for KDE 4.10,
    don't need to install plasma-theme-oxygen prior to this theme

    0.1 - Initial Version for KDE 4.9.x (KDE 4.7 and KDE 4.8 should also be compatible)

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    VioletPastel 1.01 (Plasma Theme)

    Sun, 2014/03/30 - 9:17am
    ThumbnailVioletPastel 1.01
    (Plasma Theme)
    Darkish. Especially for animators, digital artists, and developers.
    Based on Produkt.


    - 1.0: first release.
    - 1.01: added some recommended stuff.

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    VioletPastel 1.02 (KDE Color Scheme KDE4)

    Sun, 2014/03/30 - 9:16am
    ThumbnailVioletPastel 1.02
    (KDE Color Scheme KDE4)
    Darkish. Especially for animators, digital artists, and developers.

    Plasma Theme

    - 1.0: first release.
    - 1.01: added some recommended stuff.
    - 1.02: fixed name issue.

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    Peruvian Torch 2.8 (Plasma Theme)

    Sun, 2014/03/30 - 3:29am
    ThumbnailPeruvian Torch 2.8
    (Plasma Theme)
    This is a dark translucent themepack.
    I'm on Sabayon and have made this using COMPIZ It does however look somewhat different using kwin so i just wanted you all to be aware of that.

    Plasma Theme
    The plasma i haven't made any original but i have picked what i liked of other themes and made a few changes to them. So to all the original authors a great thank and kudos for the brilliant job!

    The Qtcurve i've assembled myself and is rather transparent so in order to utilize in this pack you need to have BLUR enabled in your window manager.

    The color-scheme i also assembled and it's as you can see also very dark but with very clear strong colors so that all is very visible!

    As with the plasma i have only taken bits and pieces and made some alterations to it. Again, thank you :D


    Made lots of changing to this one. I also branded it with Sabayon so by chance anyone don't want to use it, remove it from the widget folder. Or, if any Sabayon devs want me to remove it, I will.

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    kde-plasma-mail-checker 1.15.67 (Plasmoid Script)

    Sat, 2014/03/29 - 9:18am
    Thumbnailkde-plasma-mail-checker 1.15.67
    (Plasmoid Script)
    Plasmoid should periodic check for new messages in configured accounts.
    Supported protocols: POP3/POP3S/IMAP4/IMAP4S + IMAP4_IDLE.
    Passwords for accounts stored in KWallet.
    Plasmoid use KDE-notification for events about new mail.
    Support Akonadi (mimeType : "message/rfc822") resources monitoring
    (getting new mail).
    Support preview (integrated mail viewer) for non-Akonadi accounts
    and Quick Answer & Forward Mail (need to install the package same
    Support command line in notification.
    See for: EXAMPLES.


    # TODO :
    complete "ru"-dictionary for new version;

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    BeHexed (Other KDE Stuff)

    Sat, 2014/03/29 - 1:44am
    (Other KDE Stuff)
    a be::shell look to match Hex QtCurve

    might make matching icons if anyone\'s interested

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    Blue SQ (KDM4 Theme)

    Sat, 2014/03/29 - 12:29am
    ThumbnailBlue SQ
    (KDM4 Theme)

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    Pisi Linux 1.0 RC2 (KDE Wallpaper 1920x1200)

    Fri, 2014/03/28 - 5:26pm
    ThumbnailPisi Linux 1.0 RC2
    (KDE Wallpaper 1920x1200)
    Two New Wallpapers for Pisi Linux 1.0 RC2

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    Alliance 0.2 (K3b Theme)

    Fri, 2014/03/28 - 9:44am
    ThumbnailAlliance 0.2
    (K3b Theme)
    Theme intended for use with Ubuntu's Ambiance/Radiance GTK themes

    * make background color a little brighter to match Ambiance/Radiance progressbar background

    Initial release

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    Pisi Room KDM 1.0 (KDM4 Theme)

    Thu, 2014/03/27 - 5:38pm
    ThumbnailPisi Room KDM 1.0
    (KDM4 Theme)
    for Pisilinux

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    Py Text Monitor 1.5.3 (Plasmoid Script)

    Thu, 2014/03/27 - 4:23pm
    ThumbnailPy Text Monitor 1.5.3
    (Plasmoid Script)
    PyTextMonitor is a minimalistic Plasmoid script written on Python2. It looks like widgets in awesome-wm. It is also easy to configure. I think that this can be considered as fork TextMon.

    For edited output you must open Settings window and setup output format in lines:
    label "$time" - time in default format
    label "$isotime" - time in iso format
    label "$shorttime" - time in short format
    label "$longtime" - time in long format
    label "$uptime" - uptime, ---d--h--m
    label "$cpu" - total load cpu, %
    label "$ccpu" - load CPU for each core, %
    label "$cpucl" - average cpu clock, MHz
    label "$ccpucl" - cpu clock for each core, MHz
    label "$temp" - average temperature in system
    label "$gpu" - GPU usage, %. `aticonfig` or `nvidia-smi` must be installed
    label "$gputemp" - GPU temperature. `aticonfig` or `nvidia-smi` must be installed
    label "$mem" - usage memory, %
    label "$memmb" - usage memory, MB
    label "$swap" - swap, %
    label "$swapmb" - swap, MB
    label "@@/@@" (in hdd label) - mount point ('/' in example) usage, %. Separator for mount points list is ';', for example "@@/;/home;/mnt/global@@"
    label "@@/dev/sda@@" (in hddtemp label) - HDD ('/dev/sda' in example) temperature. `hddtemp` must be installed
    label "$net" - download and upload speed, KB/s. You may also specify the number of devices (1 or 2) - without their names. And you may specify network device: something like @@eth0@@
    label "$netdev" - current network device
    label "$bat" - battery charge, %. Battery device may be set below. File ("/sys/class/power_supply/BAT0/capacity" by default) must contain only battery charge in percent
    label "$ac" - status AC device. Return (*) if AC device is online or ( ) if offline. AC device may be set below. FIle ("/sys/class/power_supply/AC/online" by default) must contain '1' if AC is online
    label "$album" - current song album. One of supported music players must be installed
    label "$artist" - current song artist. One of supported music players must be installed
    label "$progress" - current song progress. One of supported music players must be installed (mpd does not support yet)
    label "$time" - current song duration. One of supported music players must be installed
    label "$title" - current song title. One of supported music players must be installed

    Label order will changed if you change slider position. HTML tags in label work normally.
    Attention: you don't may set to show $cpu in swap label for example. $cpu will work only in cpu label.

    plasmapkg -i py-text-monitor-1.5.2.plasmoid
    or for upgrade
    plasmapkg -u py-text-monitor-1.5.3.plasmoid
    or global installation:
    sudo plasmapkg -g -i py-text-monitor-1.5.3.plasmoid
    ATTENTION: gpu, gputemp and hddtemp labels require Extended Systemmonitor dataengine (!

    ext-sysmon (for GPU, GPU temp, HDD temp and music player labels)
    lm_sensors (for definition temperature device)
    net-tools (for definition network device)
    sysstat (for notifications)

    + labels $album, $progress and $duration
    - bug with zero swap
    + datetime format
    + date and time
    + music player support
    + notifications
    * fix bugs
    * fix bug with definition network device
    - select number of network devices
    + double click event
    * yet another plasma crash
    * edited reading temperature device
    * fixed plasma crash
    + added GPU temp, GPU usage, HDD temp, HDD usage
    + added CPU usage and CPU clock for each cores
    * bug fixes, optimization and refactoring
    + added tooltip to lineEdit
    + if battery doesn't exist return 'off'
    + if ac doesn't exist return '(?)'
    + added $ac label - return (*) if AC is online or ( ) if offline
    + added battery and ac device configurations
    + error cheking
    * $bat now reading from /sys/*
    * changed parsing acpi output (battery-label)
    + added font weight
    * edited font setup line. Now setup for font family works normaly
    * small bug fix
    + added cpu clock label
    + added function to update network device (100*time_interval)
    + changed update sliders
    + added label $swapmb, $memmb, $netdev, @@netdev=...@@
    * widget consists of several labels
    * configuration interface
    - some bugs
    First release

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    Extended Systemmonitor DataEngine 1.6 (Plasmoid Binary)

    Thu, 2014/03/27 - 4:20pm
    ThumbnailExtended Systemmonitor DataEngine 1.6
    (Plasmoid Binary)
    Extended Systemmonitor DataEngine is DataEngine for monitoring GPU usage, GPU temperature, HDD temperature and with support some of music players.

    HOWTO install:
    unzip -o -q
    mkdir ext-sysmon/build && cd ext-sysmon/build
    for global install:
    cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=`kde4-config --prefix` -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release ../
    make && sudo make install
    only for current user:
    cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=`kde4-config --localprefix` -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release ../
    make && make install

    In Plasma widgets and plasmaengineexplorer.

    1) proprietary drivers for video cards (ATI and nVidia)
    2) hddtemp
    3) one of supported music players (amarok, mpd, qmmp)
    4) cmake and automoc4

    You may edit DataEngine configuration. It is /usr/share/config/extsysmon.conf or $HOME/share/config/extsysmon.conf depending on the type of installation. Uncomment needed line and edit it.

    added duration, progress and album. Refactoring
    added configuration
    fix bug with hddtemp
    added music player support
    removed set qt locale
    port to cpp
    initial release

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    Pisi Room Splash 1.0 (KDE 4.x Splash Screen)

    Thu, 2014/03/27 - 2:46pm
    ThumbnailPisi Room Splash 1.0
    (KDE 4.x Splash Screen)
    for PisiLinux

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    PisiRoom KSplash 1.0 (KDE 4.x Splash Screen)

    Thu, 2014/03/27 - 2:45pm
    ThumbnailPisiRoom KSplash 1.0
    (KDE 4.x Splash Screen)
    for PisiLinux

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    Solarized 1.0 (Theme/Style for KDE 4.0)

    Thu, 2014/03/27 - 1:45pm
    ThumbnailSolarized 1.0
    (Theme/Style for KDE 4.0)
    QtCurve theme with a smooth look, to go with the Solarized Light colorscheme.

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    Squared Up (KDE 4.x Splash Screen)

    Thu, 2014/03/27 - 1:07pm
    Thumbnail Squared Up
    (KDE 4.x Splash Screen) is where i got 4 of the icons

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