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KDE ePub Thumbnailer 0.3.1 + 0.9 beta (KDE Improvement)

Tue, 2013/12/31 - 4:53pm
ThumbnailKDE ePub Thumbnailer 0.3.1 & 0.9 beta
(KDE Improvement)
A KDE thumbnail generator for the ePub file format.

It uses libepub from ebook-tools to (try to) extract the covers. libepub is the library used by Okular to handle the ePub file format.

ePub documents are rather heterogeneous. As a consequence this plugin isn't able to extract a thumbnail from some documents (in some case simply the file doesn't contain a cover). I will try to increase the supported ePub files.

Once installed go to Configure Dolphin -> General -> Previews and select ePub documents.

== 0.9 Beta - Development branch - Test only ==
A complete rewrite of the plugin. To gain much more flexibility it doesn't use no more libepub. Now it's able to show the cover for every epub files I have. But since epub is the land of the format possibilities, I'm sure there are some (hope few) recalcitrant files, so please test it (remember to delete the existing thumbnails) and tell me. Thanks.

0.9 beta (nolibepub branch)
Complete rewrite:
* It requires no more libepub.
* Increased supported ePub files.

* Added another strategy to find the cover, currently shaped on Sigil (by dliw) [0.3]
* German translation added (by dliw) [0.3]
* Better memory management
* Minor code improvements

* Increased supported ePub files:
- a new strategy to retrieve the cover from standard compliant ePub files;
- the "old" strategy now is the second option;
- a little improvement to increase the possibility of a successful result.
* Some minor improvements.
* Simplified Chinese (zh_CN) translation added. Thanks to nihui.

first release

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