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kpackage4 3.6.0 (KDE System Tool)

Tue, 2014/03/11 - 3:50pm
Thumbnailkpackage4 3.6.0
(KDE System Tool)
Kpackage4 is the port to KDE4 / Qt4 of a former project by Toivo Pedaste.
This GUI is a tool to manage packages of various types such as RPM, Debian, Slackware ...

It can be used to list the packages installed on a computer and, for a selected package, display detailed informations such as detailed properties, package content, changelog or scripts used during installation or removal.

It allows installation of a new or upgraded packaged hosted on a local (RPM) or a remote (Debian) repository.

In "Management" mode, it display the same informations on a given package file (source or binary).

A handbook is also created during build process.

Build requires CMake, KDE4 and Qt4. A source rpm file for Mandriva & Mageia is available.

A Git repository was created : git://

TODO: Kpackage4 was fully tested using RPM package handler. Anyone who can test others handler will be welcome.

Fix memory leak when reloading packages list.
Fix bugs.
Code cleanup and performance improvement.
Install & remove dialogs are created on demand.
Add an "Installation date filter" feature
Add an "History" sub-menu to tool bar to navigate directly in the pkgs. stack
Add a "Scripts" page to displayed informations.

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MemMap 1.0 (Plasmoid Script)

Mon, 2014/03/10 - 3:12pm
ThumbnailMemMap 1.0
(Plasmoid Script)
This is a simple memory monitor.
Having had installed Linux 64-bit for compatibility reasons (UEFI), I stumbled upon inexplicably high memory usage, running out of resources as soon as there'd been approximately 5 applications running in 10 windows.
In my quest for utter control of ongoing processes, I developed a memory monitor with standard unix memory information and a signalplotter class that python conveniently provided. However, observed values fell victim to what is called "integrated sanitisation", especially on a smaller scale, urging me to use an own plotter.
Later on, I also found out that retrieved memory information was basically useless for reasonable interpretation and discovered a more accurate tool to meet my needs, that is, "smem".
As a consequence, this plasmoid is bound to this very program.

  • smem: Download and install through your package manager or access it directly over the website If you do the latter, be sure to set appropriate system links (for example "sudo ln -s /path/to/smem /usr/bin/smem"). Note that smem requires python V2, so you'll need a bash script (python2 /path/to/smem "$@") in case your system already uses python V3.

  • System V IPC module for python.
    If you don't have it yet, visit for download and install instructions.
    Short manual:
    Download file, go to the related directory and run "sudo python install". For systems linking python 3 per default, type "sudo python2 install". If it quits moaning about a python file install the package "python-dev(el)" first. Eventually restart KDE

  • TESTS:
    Plasmoid was tested on
    Kubuntu 11.04, 11.10, 12.04, 12.10, 13.10

    smem is quite expensive for the CPU. I do not recommend update intervals below a level of 30 seconds. If you really need all performance for scientific computing, consider to remove the plasmoid from the desktop.

    On Fedora, sudo usually requires a tty to run. You may remove the line "Defaults requiretty" in /etc/sudoers to change this behaviour.

    1.0 Initial release

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    KEncFS 1.3.0 (KDE System Tool)

    Sun, 2014/03/09 - 5:39pm
    ThumbnailKEncFS 1.3.0
    (KDE System Tool)
    KEncFS is a gui frontend for encfs. With KEncFS you can easily create, mount, umount and delete your encrypted filesystem.

    Use of KEncFS is very simple: to create a new encrypted filesystem you must create new or select two existent dirs, one directory to archive encrypted files and another directory to mount on the encrypted filesystem with encfs (a mountpoint). After this, you can select a conventional ID for your encrypted filesystem and then a password.

    With KEncFS you can also manage your encrypted filesystem. You can browse, mount, umount, remove from list (not from disk) your encrypted filesystem, in easy way.

    Author: Felice Murolo - Salerno - Italy
    eMail: (delete RE-MO-VE and send your email)

    ** KENCFS - (c) 2010 by Felice Murolo, all rigths reserved
    ** Author: Felice Murolo, Salerno, Italia
    ** eMail:
    ** GNU Lesser General Public License Usage
    ** KEncFS and it\'s sources may be used under the terms of the GNU Lesser
    ** General Public License version 2.1 as published by the Free Software
    ** Foundation and appearing in the file LICENSE.LGPL included in the
    ** packaging of this file. Please review the following information to
    ** ensure the GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1 requirements
    ** will be met:

    Open a konsole into source dir and write

    $> qmake-qt4
    $> make
    $> sudo make install

    Note: the automatic installation is done in the following directories:

    /usr/bin/ for KEncFS itself
    /usr/share/doc/kencfs-1.3 for this README
    /usr/share/kde4/apps/kencfs/translations for .qm files of languages
    /usr/share/applications/ for kencfs.desktop file

    If you want to change some of those path, adjust qmake file.

    Note: KEncFS has nothing to do with programs with similar name (for example k-encfs), who carry out similar functions. This is a new program designed specifically for KDE4.

    - KEnCFS is now in the Portage-tree for Gentoo! (25 sep 2011)

    - KEncFS is now in the AUR for ArchLinux! (28 dec 2012)

    If you like this application, please donate something. All money raised will be donated to charity for meritorious initiatives.

    12 sep 2010 1st version, 1.0a

    12 dec 2010 version 1.1
    - fixed some minor bugs in sources.
    - fixed a major bug (segmentation fault). It was generated by pressing a button (browse or umount or remove) when no row was selected into treeview of filesystem
    - fixed a window title
    - added warning request when you try to remove a filesystem

    25 sep 2011, version 1.2
    - Now, double click on the line corresponding to a filesystem, it turns on the mounting and opening.

    08 jan 2013, version 1.2.1, fixed Layout Direction of "Mount" button, some little text, a reference into qtlocalpeer.cpp

    07 mar 2014,version 1.3.0, fixed a little bug in FS Removal and added KDE WALLET support - If you use this, please consider to protect your kdewallet with password.

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    KFolderSync 1.0.0 (KDE Archiving/Backup)

    Sat, 2014/03/08 - 7:57pm
    ThumbnailKFolderSync 1.0.0
    (KDE Archiving/Backup)
    Folder synchronization tool for KDE.

    To help with translations (even request new languages) visit:

    version 1.0.0:
    - program initialization
    // Work in progress...

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    unlock pdf 0.01 (KDE Service Menu)

    Sat, 2014/03/08 - 1:49pm
    unlock pdf 0.01
    (KDE Service Menu)
    unlocks printing etc. from owner protected pdf\'s

    Depends on pdftk.

    Please respect copyrights.

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    Flacon 0.9.4 (KDE Sound Application)

    Fri, 2014/03/07 - 10:42pm
    ThumbnailFlacon 0.9.4
    (KDE Sound Application)
    Flacon extracts individual tracks from one big audio file containing the entire album of music and saves them as separate audio files. To do this, it uses information from the appropriate CUE file.
    Besides, Flacon makes it possible to conveniently revise or specify tags both for all tracks at once or for each tag separately.
    Now Flacon is a pure Qt application.

    * Supported input formats: WAV, FLAC, APE, WavPack, True Audio (TTA).
    * Supported out formats: FLAC, WAV, WavPack, AAC, OGG or MP3.
    * Replay Gain analysis (album-gain and track-gain modes).
    * Multi-threaded conversion process.
    * Automatic character set detection for CUE files.

    Version 0.9.4
    * Fix: The desktop file was untranslated
    * Translations updated

    Version 0.9.3
    * Translations

    Version 0.9.2
    * Fix regression: Drag'n'drop support.
    * Fix: Encoding interrupted if output path contains brackets.
    * Small gui improvements.
    * Updated and new translations.

    Version 0.9.1
    * Fix incorrect names of the icons.

    Version 0.9
    * The program rewritten on C++.
    * In order to make Flacon a bit more user friendly, some of the dialogs have been rephrased.

    Version 0.8
    * Optional patterns in the output file template.
    * Added generation of the pertrack CUE file in the output dir.
    * Updated and new translations.

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    plasmoid-hwmon 1.0 (Plasmoid Script)

    Fri, 2014/03/07 - 3:29pm
    Thumbnailplasmoid-hwmon 1.0
    (Plasmoid Script)
    this is a plasmoid for KDE. it can monitor cpu and nvidia video card temperatures for you recently. nvidia-smi command is run for detecting nvidia video card temperature, so if you\'d like to monitor it, you should make sure nvidia-smi command is in your path.
    some machine's motherboard doesn't report cpu temperature to operating system and this plasmoid can not retrieve cpu temperature from acpi, in this situation,this plasmoid will try to read cpu temperature from sensors command, so you must have finished the sensors' configuration with sensors-detect command.
  • download the file plasmoid-hwmon.plasmoid and save it to any directory you like.

  • run the following command to install this plasmoid:
    plasmapkg -i /path/to/plasmoid-hwmon.plasmoid

  • if you have already installed this plasmoid,run the following command to update this plasmoid:
    plasmapkg -u /path/to/plasmoid-hwmon.plasmoid, then remove this plasmoid from panel and add it again.

  • TODO:

  • support ati video card temperature monitor.

  • add color configurations.

  • if you encounter any problem while using this plasmoid, you can check 'enable trace' in configuration window, then wait for about 9 seconds( 3 times of default update period), and then email this file '/tmp/net.ubuntudaily.hwmon.log' to me, of cource, you should also describe what's your problem.

    2014-03-07 feature:
    (1). add a new configuration (bypass acpi) to help to retrieve cpu temperature directly from sensors command withou giving acpi a try.
    (2). merge net.ubuntudaily.hwmon.trace.log and into net.ubuntudaily.hwmon.log, so from now on your should email net.ubuntudaily.hwmon.log to me for debug purpose.
    2013-5-22 feature: you can see build time in the configuration window now
    2013-5-22 fix: if there is never data from acpi datasource, try to retreive cpu temperature from sensors command
    2013-5-21 fix:when failed to connect data source 'acpi/Thermal_Zone/0/Temperature', try to utilize sensors
    2013-5-20 fix:some machine's motherboard can not provide cpu temperature to os,in this situation cpu temperature will be read from sensors' command
    2013-5-20 fix:/run directory does not exist in some this situation temp data will be writen to /tmp

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    Frescobaldi 2.0.14 (KDE Sound Application)

    Thu, 2014/03/06 - 10:25pm
    ThumbnailFrescobaldi 2.0.14
    (KDE Sound Application)
    Frescobaldi is a LilyPond sheet music editor. It aims to be powerful, yet lightweight and easy to use.

    You can edit LilyPond documents and build and preview them with a mouse click. Clicking on notes in the PDF preview places the text cursor in the right place. A score wizard is provided to quickly setup a music score. There are editing tools to manipulate the rhythm, acticulations, lyrics hyphenation, etc.

    Unlike version 1.2.0 the 2.0 versions do not need KDE4 anymore, but just Python and PyQt4.

    When using the Windows installer, it might be necessary to install the MS VC 2008 runtime from

    Improved music rendering; the music position is now shown when the cursor is in music; other enhancements

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    Converseen 0.6.8 (KDE Graphic Tool)

    Thu, 2014/03/06 - 5:55pm
    ThumbnailConverseen 0.6.8
    (KDE Graphic Tool)
    Converseen is an open source image converter and resizer written in C++ with the powerful Qt4 libraries. Thanks to the Magick++ image libraries it supports more than 100 image formats like DPX, EXR, GIF, JPEG, JPEG-2000, PhotoCD, PNG, Postscript, SVG, and TIFF and many others.
    Converseen allows you to convert, resize, rotate and flip automatically an unlimited number of images.
    With Converseen you can save your time because it can process more than one image with one mouse click!

    Converseen is very simple: it features a very simple user interface without strange options.

    With converseen you can:
    Carry out a single or a multiple conversion.
    Resize one or multiple images.
    Compress images for your web pages.
    Rotate and flip images.
    Rename a bunch of images using a progressive number or a prefix/suffix.
    Selecting a resampling filter to resize images.

    Converseen depends on Qt4 and Magick++ libraries.

    If you appreciate this work and would like to support the project, you are welcome to donate money via Paypal:

    Converseen is available for the following platforms:
  • Archlinux

  • Chakra Linux

  • Fedora

  • Mageia

  • Opensuse

  • Ubuntu

  • Windows XP/Vista/7

  • changelog:
    0.6.8 - 2014-03-06
    - Updated some translations.
    - Various code improvements.

    0.6.7 - 2014-02-03
    - Now is possible to resize a bunch of pictures with different size keeping the aspect ratio.
    - Added a menu item for bug signalation.
    - Various code improvements.

    0.6.6 - 2013-11-19
    - Added Japanese translation.
    - Updated Russian Translation.

    0.6.5 - 2013-10-28
    - Now the program can be compiled on Haiku OS.
    - Various code improvements.

    0.6.4 - 2013-07-23
    - Added Polish translation.
    - Updated Czech translation.
    - Now the Mantain aspect ratio checkbox is checked by default.

    0.6.3 - 2013-06-02
    - Fixed some bugs when renaming files.
    - Added social buttons in the about dialog.
    - Various code improvements and optimizations.

    0.6.2 - 2013-05-08
    - Various code improvements and optimizations.

    0.6.1 - 2013-05-03
    - Updated Czech, German and Russian translations. If you are interested on translating Converseen, please contact me.

    0.6 - 2013-04-15
    - Improved the preview generation process
    - Possibility to rotate and flip the images
    - Now the user can choose to resize images using one of the 16 interpolation filters
    - Now the user can rename files using a progressive number
    - Various improvements on the code
    - Removed Polish translation. If you're interested on translating it, please contact me
    - Various bugs fixed

    0.5.3 - 2013-02-12
    - Now it works with ImageMagick >= 6.8.0
    - Added russian translation

    0.5.2 - 2012-11-12
    - Fixed a bug with the overwrite option on Windows
    - Updated the german translation

    0.5.1 - 2012-07-02
    - Fixed a bug with density/resolution settings
    - Updated translations (Hungarian, Czech, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish)

    0.5 - 2012-06-05
    - New and highly optimized graphical user interface
    - Improved thumbnail generation
    - Possibility to resize different image formats without changing the destination formats
    - Possibility to choose a background color when converting images to formats that don't support alpha channel like jpeg files.
    - Possibility to override transparency with an arbitrary color
    - Improved conversion process
    - Now, at the end of the conversion process, the destination folder(s) can be opened with a click
    - All the interface attributes are automatically saved
    - Fixed the bug with dotted filenames
    - Both tif and tiff formats can be opened
    - Other GUI improvements
    - Various bug fixed

    0.4.9 - 2012-01-31
    - Fixed a bug with special characters

    0.4.8 - 2012-01-10
    - Fixed a bug in picture previewer

    0.4.7 - 2011-12-01
    - Optimized GUI for small screen resolutions (netbooks)
    - Fixed overwriting with upper suffixes
    - Now the window geometry is saved

    0.4.6 - 2011-09-13
    - Fixed a bug with the overwriting option

    0.4.5 - 2011-09-12
    - Modified the code to work in Windows
    - Added Turkish translation
    - Added support for Cmake

    0.4.3 - 2011-08-03
    - Added service menu for Kde
    - Fixed overwriting with upper suffixes
    - Added Spanish (Chile) translation

    0.4.2 - 2011-06-28
    - Fixed overwriting dialog when the renaming option is enabled.

    0.4.1 - 2011-03-10
    - Improved picture previewer
    - If the output folder doesn't exists it will be created

    0.4 - 2011-02-11
    - Added thread support to image conversions.
    - Added a progress bar into the conversion dialog.
    - Added drag and drop.
    - Improved management of PNG.
    - Fixed various bugs and improved the code.
    - Added Brazilian Portuguese translation.
    - Added German translation.

    0.3.2 - 2010-10-23
    -Added French traslation by Ludovic Troisi

    0.3.1 - 2010-09-07
    -Fixed crash when deleting photos
    -Fixed informations about images on "Dimensions" box.
    -Increased performances for previews.
    -Various code improvements

    0.3 - 2010-04-12
    -Improved image resizing options. Now it's possible to resize images by percentage or pixel
    -Czech translation by Pavel Fric

    0.2.1 - 2009-12-29
    -Fixed and improved file dialog
    -Hungarian translation by Charles Barcza

    0.2 - 2009-11-19
    -Show/hide preview
    -Automatic file renaming
    -Polish translation by Dominik Kapusta

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    Kexi 2.8 (KDE Database)

    Wed, 2014/03/05 - 11:58pm
    ThumbnailKexi 2.8
    (KDE Database)
    Kexi: Database Creation for Everyone

    Kexi is a visual database creator. It can be used for designing database applications, inserting and editing data, performing queries, and processing data. Forms can be created to provide a custom interface to your data. All database objects – tables, queries, forms, reports – are stored in the database, making it easy to share data and design.

    Kexi is considered as a long awaited Open Source competitor for Microsoft Access, FileMaker and Oracle Forms. Its development is motivated by the lack of Rapid Application Development (RAD) tools for database systems that are sufficiently powerful, inexpensive, open standards driven and portable across many operating systems and hardware platforms.

    Kexi designed to work well not only on KDE but also on GNOME and other environments. It should be usable also without running KDE Desktop on Linux/Unix, MS Windows and Mac OS X platforms (support for the latter two is planned to be re-added).



    Note: Versions 1.0-2.3 and have been released within KOffice, 2.4 and next versions are released within the Calligra suite, successor of KOffice. Users are not forced to install all the Calligra packages to use Kexi.

    Documentation should be available with the Linux Kexi package. If this is not the case in your distribution, the newest documentation is at

    More material for users:

    How to build:


    Mailing list:; subscribe at

    Example Database at

    To report a bug or make a wish, better please use web site instead of entering a comment here.

    For announcements and list of changes see

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    dolphin-folder-color 1.0 (KDE Service Menu)

    Wed, 2014/03/05 - 6:49am
    Thumbnaildolphin-folder-color 1.0
    (KDE Service Menu)
    Un menu contextual para colorear la carpetas de forma rapida, tambien tiene la posibilidad de colorear un conjunto de carpetas seleccionada.

    ### INSTALACION ###
    Solo hace falta correr el script \'\' con un click.
    Nota: no debe ser iniciado desde la shell

    A contextual menu for coloring the folders so fast, also has the ability to color a selected set of folders.

    ### INSTALLATION ###
    You just need to run the script. \'\' with a click.
    Note: should not be started from the shell

    - version 1.0

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    K3DSurf 0.6.2 (KDE Scientific)

    Wed, 2014/03/05 - 12:17am
    ThumbnailK3DSurf 0.6.2
    (KDE Scientific)
    K3DSurf is a program to visualize and manipulate Multidimensional surfaces by using Mathematical equations. It's also a "Modeler" for POV-Ray in the area of parametric and iso surfaces.

    Features :
    * 3D, 4D, 5D and 6D HyperObjects visualization.
    * Full support of all functions (like C language).
    * Support of mouse event in the drawing area(Left:Rotate, Right:scale and Midle: translate).
    * Animation and Morph effect.
    * Povscript and Mesh file generation(and Run if povray is installed). VRML2 and OBJ files also supported.
    * More than 100 well known examples.

    Hi all,
    After 6 months of work (and two years since this project was first lunched), we can say that K3DSurf IS the fastest math tool ever made. Why? Because it’s using a new mathematical function parser technique that makes it extremely fast: Some examples are already running five times faster but it has the potential to go at much higher speed.
    Inspired from Hyperdimentional math objects and made for them, this new technology (called “The geometrical parser”, use parallel calculations and some geometrical properties) was now tested successfully with Isosurfaces and the next targets are the morph effect and especially the HyperObjects manipulation.
    Also, the integrated OpenGL viewer can go as height as 10M-triangles/500-Grid (will be soon unlimited), use the transparency to give the mathematical objects a new dimension that results in impressive images (Some examples are shown in the forum)…
    With this new math parser and the height resolution OpenGL viewer, we finally have the right tools for a deep exploration of the math world mysteries: The journey in the mathematical world is officially declared open :)
    More infos and mathematical objects can be found in the forum:

    MathMod (Alpha) is a new project that is a complete rewrite of K3DSurf with many new features. Pleases visit the new project page:

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    MathMod Alpha (KDE Scientific)

    Wed, 2014/03/05 - 12:00am
    ThumbnailMathMod Alpha
    (KDE Scientific)
    MathMod is a complete rewrite of K3DSurf with many new features and optimizations.
    This is an Alpha version of MathMod wich means that there still some bugs out there and I'll be glad to have your reports and comments.

    Binary information:
    A 32Bit Windows version of MathMod-1.0-Alpha is provided in the "bin" folder

    Source code compilation:
    The source code is available in the "src" folder Use QtCreator from Qt5.x to compile this project

    MathMod roadmap:
    MathMod V 1.0 Alpha (done)
    MathMod V 1.0 Beta MathMod V 1.0 release candidate
    MathMod V 1.0 stable (April 2014)

    Note: The stable release will include an install/uninstall process and a documentation for beginners in the mathematical modeling.
    Have a fun :)

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    Flv-Tools 1.0 (KDE Service Menu)

    Tue, 2014/03/04 - 8:08pm
    ThumbnailFlv-Tools 1.0
    (KDE Service Menu)
    1 - play with FFplay(requires FFMpeg to be installed)

    2 - injects FLV metadata to enable seeking in saved flv file streams that cannot seek in mostmedia players (requires Yamdi to be installed)

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    Kopete QQ 1.00 (KDE Chat Application)

    Mon, 2014/03/03 - 3:03am
    Kopete QQ 1.00
    (KDE Chat Application)
    This is a QQ's kopete plugin, using lwqq library:
    Currently implements the basic functionality.


    1.achieve the basic friends, chat groups and discussion groups.
    2.Receiver to send rich text support, support for receiving picture functions.

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    dotastat 0.5 (Plasmoid Script)

    Fri, 2014/02/28 - 5:32pm
    Thumbnaildotastat 0.5
    (Plasmoid Script)
    This plasmoid is for Dota 2 players. It shows informations of your last Dota 2 matches on your desktop.

    You need the following to get the plasmoid working:
    * Share your match history in Dota 2 (obviously)
    * Find your steam id ( )
    * Generate a key for the Dota 2 Webapi ( )

    15.9.2013, v.0.2:

    * The skill bracket that your match was in is now visualized with star symbols: 0 stars -> normal bracket; 1 star -> high bracket; 2 star -> very high bracket

    * A Timer will update the plasmoid every 15 minutes

    19.09.2013, v.0.3:
    * Visual changes: The overall layout now looks smoother and colors are not hardcoded, but rather, use your plasma theme.

    01.10.2013, v.0.5:
    * Unfortunately it is not possible anymore to get the skill bracket for a specific match, so I had to remove this feature again; if you find a possibility the get the bracket with the webapi pls write a comment and I will add the feature again

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    Social Networks Visualizer 1.0 (KDE Scientific)

    Fri, 2014/02/28 - 2:46pm
    ThumbnailSocial Networks Visualizer 1.0
    (KDE Scientific)
    SocNetV is a cross-platform, user-friendly, graphical application for Social Networks Analysis and Visualisation, developed in C++ and the powerful Qt toolkit.

    It helps you construct social networks (aka mathematical graphs) with a few clicks on a virtual canvas or load networks of various formats (GraphViz, GraphML, Adjacency, Pajek, UCINET, etc) and modify them, or compute basic network properties, such as density, diameter and distances (shortest path lengths), as well as more advanced structural statistics, such as node and network centralities i.e. closeness, betweeness, graph), clustering coefficient, PageRank etc.

    SocNetV supports various layout algorithms (i.e. Spring-embedder, circular and in levels according to various centrality indexes) for meaningful visualisations.

    Furthermore, it can create random networks (Erdos-Renyi, Watts-Strogatz, ring lattice, etc) with a few clicks or crawl a given website and create the "network of its links".

    SocNetV is licensed under the GNU Public License version 3 (GPL3).

    Requirements: To compile or install SocNetV version 1.x, you need Qt5 libraries.

    Project page:

    Version 1.0 - Feb 2014
    Codename: "4 years later"
    - First version in Qt5
    - New Feature: PageRank calculation and layout
    - New reference item: SRS Documentation by Vagelis Motesnitsalis
    - Re-introduce GraphViz import menu option
    - Init "Spring Embedder" tab checkbox to none when user creates new network.

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    KaffeineTY 0.0.2 (KDE Improvement)

    Wed, 2014/02/26 - 4:46pm
    ThumbnailKaffeineTY 0.0.2
    (KDE Improvement)

    KaffeineTY - a application to temporarity prevents dim screen action of power management and screensaver for KDE environment.

    # mkdir build
    # cd build
    # cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr ..
    # make
    # make install

    You may need to replace /usr with the path to your KDE installation.
    Logout and login back.

    go to: System settings > Power Management > KaffeineTY
    enter name of application you want to run it without dim screen and screensaver action in input box.
    Syntax: name1|name2|....

    version 0.0.1: first release.
    version 0.0.2: fix bugs...

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    IOS - iPhone - iPad Amarok Remote 1.0 (Amarok 2.0 Script)

    Mon, 2014/02/24 - 4:12pm
    ThumbnailIOS - iPhone - iPad Amarok Remote 1.0
    (Amarok 2.0 Script)
    This App can Remote Control your Amarok Music Collection.

    Following Features included:
    * Add Titles to Playlist
    * Select and Play Title from Playlist
    * Display Lyrics from Title in Playlist
    * Play, Stop, Next/Previous, Pause
    * Control Volume
    * Change playback position with a Slider
    * Delete Titles from Playlist
    * Album Cover Display

    To use this App you have to install the Amarok Remote Plugin through the Amarok Script Manager.

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    Attach to Icedove 1 (KDE Service Menu)

    Sun, 2014/02/23 - 6:15pm
    Attach to Icedove 1
    (KDE Service Menu)
    This servicemenu plugin will allow you to attach the file to icedove.

    This is a simple edit of the \\\\\\\'Attach to thunderbird\\\\\\\' servicemenu app:

    Basically I search and replace\\\\\\\'d to put icedove where thunderbird was - to allow this to be used for debian users.

    All credits therefore go to Danux who wrote that!Cheers.
    (I can\\\'t program and therefore I make no guarantees regarding this, neither do I intend any updates).

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